The effortless way to thrive in life.

Performance coaching, reinvented

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The effortless way to thrive in life.

Performance coaching, reinvented

What is energy management?

Contrary to time management, energy management focuses on helping you get the most out of your physical and mental energy, allowing you to get more done in less time, but without feeling drained.

I am not going to add more things to your calendar. I am not going to make your to-do list even longer. Instead, I will teach you how to create, and stay in, a state of flow.

In flow you perform and feel at your best.

Flow is a state where you're so focused, in control, and passionate about an activity that you completely loose track of time.
You feel wholly absorbed in what you’re doing.
You perform and feel at your best.
It’s why top athletes and high-achieving CEOs seem to perform miracles in their field – yet there’s nothing magical about it.

Working with positive psychology and neuroscience, I take an evidence-based approach to help women thrive, on their own terms. I do so with a holistic view, where we address your biology, your surrounding environment, and your mindset.

How to be a female high-achiever in a male-centric world

The world is modeled to mostly fit the needs of men, not women.

As a result, women need to work much harder, under unfavorable conditions. While we might be told to “lean in” and claim our place at the table, we are expected to do so as men. But we aren’t men.
Our physiology, metabolism, and hormones are different, and forcing ourselves to fit into a world that wasn’t designed for us is affecting what we achieve and our life satisfaction.

For instance, women are:

Constantly being compared and having to compete with men. Most standards and advice on health and well being are based on men, due to a lack of understanding and research around women's health and physiology.
Never feeling enough. 90% of men and women have a bias against women, which leads to women having to always work much harder to prove themselves.*
Living in a time-based society, forcing women to ignore their menstrual cycle, causing hormonal imbalance, PMS, lack of energy, and disconnection with their bodies.
…which is making it unnecessarily hard for women to thrive and achieve their goals, even though doing so would benefit everyone.
* According to the United Nations 2020 Gender Social Norms Index, containing data from 75 countries, covering over 80% of the world's population.

What would your life look like if you...

1.  Had clarity on your purpose and goals in life?
2. Knew how to be focused and in a state of flow on demand?
3.  Had balance in all aspects of your life?
4. Embraced your female biology and reconnected with your body?
5. Used masculine and feminine traits in a way that served you?
6 .Felt greater self-confidence and accomplishment?

It's all possible with an energy-focused life

Hustle-focused living
1. Hustle, grind, repeat
2. 24-hour cycle
3. Only rest when you have time (if ever!)
4. Measure yourself on how many things you can cross off the to-do list
5. Compromise your health to achieve goals
6. Feel like there's never enough time
7. Feel anxious and overwhelmed
Energy-focused living
1. Work and rest based on your biological rhythms
2. 28-34 day cycle
3. Prioritize rest to get more done with less effort
4. Find worth in being in harmony with yourself
5. Allow things to happen for you and see the success that comes from that
6. Have clarity on what's truly essential
7. Feel confident, balanced, and energized

Ready to effortlessly thrive in life?

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Don't just take my word for it

Kristel is a super awesome person. Thanks to her I've learned to listen to myself and manage my energy better. I've been on the edge of burnout many times but thanks to Kristel, I've learned to prioritize my tasks and not stretch myself too thin.

Elizabeth Truve

Sales and leadership mentor

I usually try to make it on my own. However, I'm so glad I chose Kristel as my coach as I received more value than I could've ever imagined. Just as I was feeling stuck, Kristel helped me see things from a new point of view and helped me find solutions even to the most difficult situations. I'm truly grateful for her!

Mari Raudsepp

Business Development Executive at Bedford Row Capital

Coaching tailored to your specific needs

I take a holistic, practical, and evidence-based approach that draws on:
positive psychology
masculine & feminine traits
holistic wellness practices
women's health science
self-assessment of new habits and practices.

I tailor your coaching experience based on your unique personality, biology, and situation.

My job is to help you thrive in life.


Ideal if you prefer to start small or have a specific area or topic you'd like to work on.
9 sessions
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Ideal if you want to deepen awareness and accelerate your progress towards your goals.
13 sessions
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Ideal if you're ready for a transformative change in your life.
25 sessions
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Each program includes:

1. A free non-binding 60-minute coaching session to see if we're a good match.
2. 3 coaching sessions the first month, then 2 sessions a month, each lasting 1 hour.
3. Having me as an accountability partner throughout the journey, to help you reach the goals you set for yourself.
4. Support and guidance via Telegram or WhatsApp whenever you need it.
5. Practical and clear tips to help you achieve your goals.
6. Guidance through questions so you can find answers inside of yourself.
7. Personalized supplements, products, and technology recommendations (optional).

My approach is built on 3 pillars

Imagine a footstool with 3 legs. If you only make one, or two of the legs strong, the footstool will eventually break. That’s why my coaching focuses on 3 pillars.
Different areas of your life interact with, and affect each other. Your mindset affects your body, your environment affects your mindset, and so on. Ignoring one aspect of your health risks making your progress unstable.
That’s why I take a holistic approach. I want to help you make your foundation strong and create lasting change in your life.


I draw on research regarding health and neuroscience to help you better understand how to make your body work for you, resulting in a more effortless way of living.
Topic examples:
Making your menstrual cycle work for you, instead of against you
Female-centered productivity and recovery tips
Energy management helping you to focus on demand
De-stressing practices


Our environment is a powerful source or inhibitor. It influences our beliefs, our behavior, and how effortless or difficult our journey towards our goals will be. I'll guide you through creating a positive and empowering environment for yourself.
Topic examples:
Understanding and breaking free from gender stereotypes
Setting healthy boundaries
Creating an empowering work and home environment
Engaging with nature in a way that gives you more energy


Your mindset and past experiences determine your beliefs. And your limits. It's the barrier between you and the life you want to live, because it sets the stage for what you think you're capable of.

I'll help you shape your thoughts, feelings, and expectations so that they are aligned and actively help you achieve your goals.
Topic examples:
Letting go of self-sabotaging patterns
Deepening self-love and confidence
Finding or strengthening your passion and mission in life
Aligning your beliefs with your goals

Become the person you admire

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